Trimester One is Done!

I have been getting a lot of questions about my current fitness routine and how the first trimester has gone so I want to share a little bit about my pregnancy journey so far. Most of you know during my first pregnancy I gained 50 pounds, granted a lot of it was swelling and my son was over 9 pounds at birth – already praying for a smaller baby this go round! But still 50 pounds is a lot of weight on my petite, 5 foot 3 inch frame. I will admit that I didn’t work out religiously when I was pregnant with him, mainly out of fear that I would cause something to go wrong and because fitness just wasn’t a part of my everyday life like it is now. Add in busy nurse shifts and not focusing in on clean eating and I’m just thankful I didn’t gain more than 50!

So here we are at pregnancy number two and the first thing I told my husband was I cannot gain that much weight again! I began researching working out while pregnant, proper prenatal nutrition and if I could continue drinking Shakeology. There is a plethora of information on these subjects so after research, talking with my doctor and listening to my body, this is what has been working for me throughout the first trimester.

Workouts: I have continued to follow the 21 Day Fix workouts including cardio, weight training and Pilates. I even dared to take it up a notch with the new 21 Day Fix Extreme! I definitely had to do modifications and pace myself during those workouts but I’m glad I tried them out while I still could. I would not recommend the extreme program to most pregnant women because they are definitely much more difficult and take a strong baseline in fitness. Plus, for me personally the extreme program just doesn’t line up with my new goals. I am no longer working out to maintain weight, tone up or get stronger but simply to remain healthy and strong throughout my entire pregnancy. My plan is to continue the combination of weight training and cardio along with jogging and walking now that the weather is nicer. I’m hoping to still be able to run my first 5k this summer even if it is with a baby bump!

Nutrition: I have continued to eat a clean, well balanced diet with a few more treats than usual. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been a carb monster and the sight of spinach makes me want to lose my lunch. But, I’m trying to use self-control and remember that even though those Girl Scout cookies look amazing, a shake with spinach mixed in is a much healthier option for not only me, but my growing baby. As far as Shakeology goes, between my own research and my doctor’s approval I have continued to drink it daily. It is easily my healthiest meal of the day and I love it after my workouts because it gives me a huge energy boost! Because of the high vitamin and mineral content in Shakeology I don’t take a prenatal vitamin but I do take a folic acid supplement. I would be happy to share more about this and answer any questions but I always recommend you talk to your doctor as well and follow their advice for a healthy pregnancy.

The first trimester flew by and for the most part I felt pretty great. I have been more tired than usual, okay exhausted would be the better word! But it’s okay because it reminds me to slow down and not try to conquer everything.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and this baby won’t be either! I’ve had some food aversions, mainly vegetables but no morning sickness which I’m thankful for. Workouts were tougher at the beginning, I literally could not catch my breath which is actually why suspected I might be pregnant in the first place. Both the shortness of breath while working out and exhaustion seem to have gone away though so I’m praying that what they say about the second trimester energy boost is true!

All and all, I have learned the importance of listening to my body which is something I recommend everyone does. If you’re tired take a power nap, your body probably needs it. If you’re hungry grab a healthy snack instead of that bag of chips. Workout everyday even if it’s only a 30 minute walk. Living a healthy lifestyle is actually pretty simple. It’s a series of good choices and when you pile all them together, I can guarantee you’ll come out not only healthier, but happier on the other side!


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