CIZE: The end of exercise!

After the birth of my first son I really struggled with losing the baby weight because I made excuses, didn’t workout, ate poorly and slept whenever I could. Looking back now I will admit I was also probably struggling with a little bit of postpartum depression which didn’t make accepting my new mom body any easier. It took 6 whole months before I finally left my excuses in the dust and started living a healthier lifestyle thanks to the 21 Day Fix. When I got pregnant again I was determined that I would continue working out and eating clean not just for a healthy pregnancy and baby but so that bouncing back would be much easier the second go round! Live and learn right?

So I gave myself a full month of letting my body just naturally do it’s thing and then at five weeks post baby I started my CIZE journey. My initial goal was to follow both the meal plan and workouts – the first week went great! But then the tiredness of having two children under two set in and my meal plan started to slip which caused me to be super hard on myself because I knew I wasn’t going to reach my goal. Luckily, I have an amazing support system between my husband, mom and fellow coaches who reminded me “you just had a baby a month ago!” Reality check! Instead of using this as an excuse or giving up I revised my goal halfway through the program. My new goal was to simply complete all the dance routines and eat like I normally do which is healthy but also includes plenty of treats here and there! This new goal was a complete game changer! I was excited to do my workouts, I wasn’t as hard on myself for not being “perfect” and most importantly I was making way healthier choices compared to after my first pregnancy.

30 days later and at exactly two months post baby my results are in…5 pounds and 3 inches lost! Could my results have been better? Most likely yes, I could have been stricter with my meal plan but that was not my goal. My goal was to eat clean, workout 6 days a week, drink my Shakeology every day, maintain my milk supply and be HEALTHY which includes my mental and emotional health too! I can proudly say mission accomplished 🙂

So what exactly is CIZE? It’s one of Beachbody’s newest workout programs by Shaun T and it’s completely centered around dance and having fun while exercising. Don’t worry though you don’t have to be a dancer to do it! CIZE truly is for everyone and anyone – even your grandma! For real though if you’re needing a fun way to start a healthier lifestyle or just want a new workout routine to throw in the mix CIZE will not disappoint! Curious what the choreography looks like? Check out this video!

If you’re ready to dance your way to a happy, healthier you then contact me here. It’s time to bring an end to that dreaded word exercise and CIZE it UP!


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