She Makes Her Arms Strong

“Consider this: Wouldn’t it be tragic if God called us to do something, but we were not in the physical condition to accomplish it?” – Michelle Myers

When I first read this daily devotion on the REAL importance of health and self care a few months ago it hit close to home because I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. I used to workout for self centered reasons you know, to look good and be skinny when really I wasn’t being healthy at all! I was what has now been termed “skinny fat” meaning I ate garbage food that was ruining my insides while still being small on the outside. Yes, you can be skinny but still have terrible cholesterol, fat lining your vital organs and a multitude of other health problems.

Thankfully my candy diet eventually gave out on me and didn’t produce the same effects on my body after having a baby that it did before. I actually had to work to lose the baby weight despite the old wives tale of, if you’re breastfeeding the weight will just fall off. So I dove into learning how to live a healthy lifestyle with simple nutrition, portion control and just 30 minutes of workouts a day all from my living room. I was becoming healthy on the inside which produced the best results I’d ever seen on the outside but more importantly I was becoming stronger each and every day.

Stronger so that I could take care of the beautiful baby and household God blessed me with. Stronger so that I could lend an actual helping hand to a friend or family member in need. Stronger so that when God calls me to do ANYTHING I can do it and give him the glory!

Like I said I read this devotional a few months ago and reread it again today with my challengers but this time it was with a whole different perspective. I looked at it with the perspective of all that I’ve been able to accomplish in the past couple months that I wouldn’t have been able to if looks and being skinny were my priority versus health and strength.

One day specifically came to mind and it was the day all my brothers and husband aka the man power were gone but my dad desperately needed help laying down fresh sod before the rain came. My dad and I laid 6 pallets of sod that day and if you’ve ever taken on a landscaping project like that then you know those things are HEAVY! I didn’t complain though, in fact I loved every minute of it! I was getting to spend time with my dad and I was thankfully capable of taking on the task God laid before me.

I needed to be strong that day and I was but it didn’t happen overnight. It happened because day in and day out I make health a priority with my devotions, workouts and clean eating. I do this so that when God calls I’m ready ❤️

“She equips herself with strength and makes her arms strong.” – Proverbs 31:1714068228_1169376093121751_8501552170062538901_n

Devotion referenced is “Famous in Heaven and at Home” by Michelle Myers
which is a character study of the Proverbs 31 woman.


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