Their Land is Full of Idols

Dave Ramsey was right we should have sold this baby sooner! We’ve been following about 95% of his debt free principles in the past couple years except the one about driving less expensive vehicles because truthfully I just didn’t want to give up my car. Silly right?


I’m not into cars or anything like that so I’ve never quite understood my attachment to it until Monday night when we handed over the keys. I looked at Chase and said, “I know it’s just a car but why am I teary eyed?” His simple response made it all click…because you worked hard for it. #truth 

I was a brand new RN who was student loan free and wanted to update her high school ride. My dad helped me research and find the best deal possible which at the time was buying new versus used. After 3 years and 0% interest it was officially mine and I never envisioned giving it up until the day we become a family of five but God had different plans.

Looking back at it now I wish I would have sold it sooner because it would have put a huge dent in our debt snowball and because in some ways I was using my car as an idol of my hard work. But like I said above everything happens in God’s timing for a reason! Now we get to put the extra money towards something even more exciting than being debt free which is our forever home this side of heaven.

The cooler part of this story though is the verse that was laid before my eyes today, a verse that had I not just had this silly revelation two nights ago I probably wouldn’t have even thought twice about. Isaiah 2:8 says, “Their land is full of idols, they bow down to the work of their hands, to what their fingers have made.”

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to bow down to anything or anyone that isn’t God! Whether that idol is the car I worked hard to pay for, the business I’ve built or the house I’ve been given to run.

So today this is my prayer, if you’d like go ahead and pray it with me,”God please strip any idols other than you from my hands, for you alone are who I bow to. Help me to truly find my identity in you, not the works of my hands. Speak into my life Lord and guide my heart as to where you would like it to go. Always keep my hands and heart as yours are, serving another with love and grace. In your name I pray, amen.” – Alexa Marie

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