Trust and Obey

As I was setting up my new office, getting rid of clutter and procrastinating writing this very blog post on New Year’s Eve, God reminded me that I can’t run from it when this popped up…


Looking back on these goals I didn’t reach all of them, in fact only one business goal was met. I did better with my financial and faith goals by reaching approximately half of them. My family goals on the other hand were 100% accomplished in 2016 and it’s because of one thing, trust.

When God put that promise on my heart last year I didn’t know what to expect. What would he send my way or ask me to trust him with? My marriage, my kids, my finances, my health? Obviously I trust God but I’ll be honest at the end of the day I’m still a huge control freak! I love everything to be organized, planned and well thought out but guess what? That doesn’t require trust! If you can already see it, feel it or taste it – then it’s a given, not a leap of faith. #sorrynotsorry

Now I’d like to tell you that I put my trust in Him at the beginning of the year and everything was smooth sailing. Truthfully it wasn’t until the year was coming to a close that I learned to do just that and am still working on it today! So what were some of my BIG trust moments in 2016?

Leaving our boys for an entire week to enjoy a free cruise! I know this doesn’t seem like a huge deal but I was only 6 months postpartum and still breastfeeding. Would Mack take a bottle? Would I be able to pump enough milk in time? It was short notice to get all the details together but God already knew it would work out and it was just what our marriage needed! We napped every day, enjoyed not having to cook or clean and got to cross “honeymoon” off our bucket list nearly 4 years later.

My motherhood skills. Again, what’s the big deal? The big deal is I’ve struggled hard with being a “good” mom this year. I always dreamed of being a stay at home mom but when I finally was one, I felt other God given callings on my heart too. Would I totally mess up my kids if I don’t spend every moment tending to their needs and development? Would I miss out on something important because I’m spending more time working on my other callings? I used to feel guilty about this but I’m just going to come out and say it, I’ve fallen in love with being a momprenuer aka a work from home mom! The balance of work, homemaking and family is tough when it all happens under the same roof which is why I’ve had to learn to trust. There have been so many moments I’ve thrown my hands up in the air, took a deep breath and desperately said, “God {insert whatever I’m working on} I can’t do this on my own but I know you can!” It’s amazing today to look back on all the things I was able to accomplish not because I trusted in my own strength and understanding, but His.

Last but not least purchasing our forever home, this one was a huge leap of faith! In August after dreaming about houses all summer long, Chase and I decided it just wasn’t the time to make a move. We prayed about it, then made the plan to focus on our debt snowball and re-evaluate housing options in the spring. We finally felt content and then something unexpected happened. To make a long story short an offer we couldn’t refuse was brought to the table. We weren’t looking for it at all yet God showed up with it and asked us to do one thing, trust. Would we be able to come up with the down payment? Would it be dumb to own two homes? If I gave you all the details about the move you would say we’re crazy because between job security, finances, relationships, etc. it just does not make sense on paper or through the world’s eyes. Thankfully God doesn’t operate that way! In His time and way everything worked out perfectly, better than we could have ever imagined in fact. My friend said it best when she said, “God showed up and showed off!” Indeed He did! Right in time for us to celebrate Christmas and the gift of His son from the comforts of home.

To end this post I just want to share a portion of my personal journal entry from December 13th, 2016. It’s such a perfect example of what happens when you pray without ceasing, trust God and don’t doubt the plans He has for your life no matter how long things seem to be taking!

“Clearly my journal has seen better days but this mishap with two little boys and a water bottle led me to a priceless discovery, how great and faithful you are Lord! Almost a year to date my prayers of moving home and the hearts of those around us changing have been answered. Looking back now I wish I wouldn’t have fretted about the how, when, where or who because clearly you had a plan all along, I just had to trust. That’s ironic considering my 2016 buzzword was trust! But with your help, strength and promises I’m finally learning to do just that – almost 12 months later. I still have a ways to go in this department especially in regards to finances and success but I’m working on it, on fully surrendering to you. I pray you’ll continue to reveal your heart and truths along the way. I’ve already chose “obedience” as my 2017 promise of the year and I’m going to need you more than ever to do that!” – Alexa Marie

2017 vision board.jpg


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